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Welcome to Proclaim Sermons!

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Proclaim is a leading resource used by thousands of pastors to help them with their preaching ministry every Sunday of the year. It is freshly written by our renowned staff of writers, based on the lectionary calendar, timed to today’s concerns, biblically relevant and is available to you right here on this site!

check Get over the hump of writer’s block!
check Tailor each sermon with your own inspiration!
check Save more time for your other spiritual duties!

If you’re like other preachers, preparing a sermon can take hours of research, writing and editing. A tremendous amount of time is spent developing each sermon from scratch. Our experienced team of pastor–writers has assisted thousands of preachers in developing inspirational sermons for over 40 years. Our preaching resource will save you time and help you deliver inspirational sermons every week!

How? On this site you get fresh sermons for each Sunday of the year, plus many special holy days, as well as Thanksgiving, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day! You can use the sermon just as it is, or you can edit it with your own thoughts and local references. Or, use each week’s sermon as a valuable thought–provoker for an entirely new sermon! You’ll have more time to study and prepare your best sermon to maximize your impact!

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Here is what you get on this site:

1. 60 freshly written sermons per year, all written by our renowned staff of pastor–writers. They are ready to download instantly (start editing right away in your favorite word processing application), or to print out in the traditional, attractive format. You can also download them all at once (in both MS Word and text formats) to take with you when you are not online. They are always available three months ahead of time. Also, you will receive a reminder email when new sermons are available on the site. Take a look at the upcoming sermons.
2. Searchable access to our online archive of over 1,000 Proclaim sermons, all written by our staff of writers! ProclaimClipArt is also available in the archives. Search Proclaim archives now!
3. Power Search! Looking for alternate sermons? Power Search provides them instantly by searching the archives for the same reading or Lectionary date as the current sermon. Click on the Search icon!
4. Expanded liturgical information for added convenience, including liturgical colors and links to appropriate lectionaries. (You must be logged in.) Take a look at it in our sample sermon.
5. Easy–to–read feature! Prefer a larger font? View or print in larger type! Font Size Check it out!
6. NEW! Over 1,000 professionally written illustrations to provide even more thought–provoking ideas; a new one each week. These short ideas are all searchable by topic or text and serve to spark your creativity or provide allusions and examples of biblical ideas. Search illustrations now!
7. 57 pieces of ProclaimClipArt per year that coincide with each sermon, designed to be used in your bulletin. They are instantly downloadable for easy pasting in your bulletin publishing software, or can easily be printed. Click on the Palette icon!
8. Set your account preferences for default lectionary (RCL, LFM, BCP, LSB), sermon type size (Normal or Large), or to receive previews of upcoming sermons.
The cost is minimal! A one–year subscription is just $59.95 for 60 freshly written sermons, searchable access to thousands of professionally written sermons and illustrations, as well as ProclaimClipArt! That’s only $1.00 per week!
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