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Scripture Liturgical Date Text Life of Christ
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  RCL   Catholic   BCP   LSB
Title Click Title to View Sermon Date Liturgical Date Reading RR Clip Art
Sermon Who Are You? 3/29/15  Liturgy of the Palms Search Mark 15: 1–39 Search Lectionary palette
Sermon Claiming Our Freedom 4/2/15  Maundy Thursday Search Exodus 12: 1–14 Search Lectionary palette
Sermon What’s So Good About This Friday? 4/3/15  Good Friday Search John 18: 1–19:10 Search Lectionary palette
Sermon Peace to All Peeps 4/5/15  Easter Day Search Acts 10: 34–43 Search Lectionary palette
Sermon What Jesus Really Said 4/12/15  Easter 2 Search John 20: 19–31 Search Lectionary palette
Sermon The Telling Touch 4/19/15  Easter 3 Search Luke 24: 36b–48 Search Lectionary palette
Sermon No Greater Love 4/26/15  Easter 4 Search John 10: 11–18 Search Lectionary palette
Sermon I-Want-a-Bicycle Religion vs. Abide-in-Me Spirituality 5/3/15  Easter 5 Search John 15: 1–8 Search Lectionary palette
Sermon Showing the Love We Are Supposed to Show 5/10/15  Easter 6 Search John 15: 9–17 Search Lectionary palette
Sermon Mary Had a Little Lamb 5/10/15  Mothers Day Search Luke 1: 26–31 Search  
Sermon Easter Is for Every Day and the Whole World 5/17/15  Easter 7 Search John 17: 6–19 Search Lectionary palette
Sermon Overcoming Barriers 5/24/15  Pentecost Search Acts 2: 1–21 Search Lectionary palette
Sermon Adopted Children of God 5/31/15  Trinity Sunday Search Romans 8: 12–17 Search Lectionary palette
Sermon Friends and Foes of Jesus 6/7/15  Proper 5 Search Mark 3: 20–35 Search Lectionary palette
Sermon Unexpected Results 6/14/15  Proper 6 Search Mark 4: 26–34 Search Lectionary palette
Sermon So you never took a course to become a parent? 6/21/15  Fathers Day Search Luke 6: 36–36 Search  
Sermon When Storms Rage 6/21/15  Proper 7 Search Mark 4: 35–41 Search Lectionary palette
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